The SCREAM BOX PLUS is the ONLY battery operated product that works in COMPLETE DARKNESS, is Programmable, has awesome Sound quality, and plugs into an Amplifier.  Haunt Hobbyist received so many requests from our customers for a 3.5mm jack that we asked our engineer to redesign the circuit board.  Until now, you only had 2 options for battery operated Halloween products, motion activated or sound activated.  NEITHER OPTION WORKS FOR HAUNTS.  The Scream Box Plus is perfect for haunts and easy to operate.  There are  2 different modes of operation, which are changed by pressing the A button.  The first mode plays all the individual MP3's, one by one, each time the sensor is activated.  The second mode plays the MP3 you pick over and over.  Just copy your MP3 files (up to 8MB / 210 seconds) to the Scream Box Plus and it repeats each MP3 file out of the built-in speaker each time the heat sensor is activated.  The sensor can see you from 12 feet away.  The Scream Box Plus (2"X 3.5"X 1") has a mounting bracket for easy setup and 2 volume settings (3 AAA Batteries are not included).  The Sound Quality is Awesome and the internal speaker is Loud.  If that is not loud enough, plug it into your amplifier.  Do NOT use with Computer Speakers (volume is too low).  The Scream Box PLUS comes loaded with our favorite MP3 sounds to get you started (The USB to Micro USB Cable, 3.5mm Cable, and adapter are included).   This is an inexpensive way to bring your Corn Maze or Haunt to the next level. 





​​​SCREAM BOX PRO IDEA UPDATE:  The Megaphone!!  Get black poster board and roll it into a Megaphone and tape it until secure.  Then put the Scream Box in the Megaphone and push it into the narrow part until you have a tight fit so the Scream Box does not move.  Last, attach the Megaphone to a pole so it is at ear level.  You will have to tweak the Megaphone until you get the Sensor to trigger at the correct time.  Putting your Scream Box in a Megaphone protects it from the weather, focuses the sensor to a smaller walking area, and makes the Scream Box even louder.  Another idea is to hang the megaphone from the ceiling pointing down (about 9 feet off the floor) in a dark hallway.                


                      BLINKING BOGEYMEN (14 pair)        $23.00


SCREAM BOX PLUS  w/ 3 Cables $24.79                                                                           

These are ROUND GLASS BALLS (not halves or flat backs or hollow) for Prop Building.  You get a pair of 28mm Round Glass Eyeballs that are High Quality (wax museum) for Halloween Props or Masks (human size eyeballs).  Very Realistic.  Perfect for making your props look life like!   

PRODUCT RELEASE:  HEAT GHOST  (Updated Sonic Ghost!)


​Nightmare LIGHT (Red or Green LED)  ​$8.50 

Program the Voice Box with Voice/Sounds that match your costume.  Your Dinosaur costume can  Roar now!  Customers have suggested ideas like Darth Vader breathing/talking, Chewbacca yelling, lightsaber sound effects, Imperial March music (Star Wars), Transformer Bumble Bee sound effects, Pikachu, Slender man static noise, DUG the dog from the movie UP, "I AM GROOT", Shrek "What are you doing in my Swamp!",  Woody Woodpecker laugh, Godzilla, Mario sound effects, Yoshi, Twilight zone music, Lion King circle of life, etc.  


The Peecan is a small handheld noisemaker that produces a unique loud sound that helps actors get big scares with little effort.  Sounds that are common or recognizable are not scary, like yelling for example.  That is why we designed the Peecan to make a unique sound that will startle your guests because they will not know what it is.  It took a long time to find the right combination of making big sounds with a small device.  You can also attach it to your prop weapons for even Bigger scares!  The Peecan will help your actors get the big scares guests are looking for.  Hold Peecan on the sides only.  Simple, effective, and inexpensive!



TESTIMONIAL: I've been looking for a killer device like this for years! LOUD & EFFECTIVE!

SCREAM BOX STROBE has a strobe light that blinks while the sound is playing.  After the sound is finished playing the strobe light turns off.  Scream Box Strobe is similar to the Scream Box Plus except it does not plug into an amplifier.  Plugs only into a strobe light (included).  Strobe Light is available in RED or GREEN with 4 LED Lights and a metal base for durability.  Choose RED OR GREEN LED WITH THE DROP DOWN MENU HERE!!!!

The Spooky Spider Works in a dark or well lit room because it has a heat sensor instead of a motion sensor.  When activated the Spooky Spider  Screams and the LED eyes Light up.  See video.  The legs are bendable and eight inches long.  It takes 2 AA batteries (not included).


Easily convert your store bought motion-activated Halloween products to work in complete darkness!      It can also Automatically light up your props at the right time for a good scare.  Sensor has 6 foot range.  2 Products in 1.


SCREAM BOX PLUS plugs into your amplifier!

​THE PEECAN   $4.00

Here are Testimonials about our Scream Box:
Works nice, is truly loud - Bill D. from South Dakota
Great for my haunted maze, already told a friend to buy one! - Sydnee H. from UTAH 
Works Perfectly! So excited to see kids reaction on Halloween! - Dawn S. from California
Great new item that has filled a void in our haunted yard!  Love it. - Russel R. from Canada
Excellent Halloween Product! Works like a charm. 100% satisfied. - John T. from Colorado
Awesome! Thank you! love it A+ highly recommended - Matthew O. from Australia
Product is Awesome!  Fast Shipping! - Angelica C. from California                                                                              

2021 Release:  THE SPOOKY SPIDER

Blinking Bogeymen are watching you!  Put them in the bushes or in a window.  14 pairs of Glowing Red LED Lights (8 pair are in a white ball to make them look bigger and 6 pair are not in a white ball so they are smaller.  The Blinking Bogeymen like being in a dark room.  Blinking pattern: 2 pairs of eyes turn OFF for 1 second then ON then a 5 second delay then 3 pairs of different eyes turn OFF for 1 second then ON and then a 5 second delay then 2 pairs of different eyes turn OFF for 1 second and then ON then a 5 second delay then it repeats.  WATCH VIDEO ABOVE!!  This addition gives the Blinking Bogeymen the Scariest and Best Look Ever!!!!!!  LED TIMER INCLUDED!! (6 hours ON and 18 hours OFF then repeats).  In other words, Turn them on at 6:00PM and they turn off at 12:00AM and turn back on at 6:00PM  (They sleep during the day and come alive at night). 4 AA Batteries not included.  KIDS ENJOY MAKING MOUTHS (OR FINDING PRINTABLES ONLINE) AND TAPING THEM TO THE HANGING BAR.  SEE PICTURES

     THIS IS OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (Since 2011) 

Scream Box Strobe Light & Cable  $30.00

It has been 30 years since the Sonic Ghost was invented.  We believe this amazing product started the Animated Halloween Product Industry.  That is why we are so excited about bringing this classic product back with updated technology to turn the Sonic Ghost into the Heat Ghost.  When you walk in front of the Heat Ghost it activates and shakes, lights up, and plays the old classic Sonic  Ghost sound for about 10 seconds and then stops until it is activated again.  The Heat Ghost does NOT respond to sounds, only motion (body heat).  Works only in a dark or dimly lit room.  A bright light fixture will cause the sensor to activate.  Use indoors (wind creates motion and activates the sensor).  When you hang the ghost, make sure there is no motion such as ceiling fans etc.  Must use black stabilizing bar in the middle of the string (included).  Hang on hook or a LONG nail so the Heat Ghost does not fall due to its strong shaking (string can lift up and over a short nail while shaking).  The PIR Sensor must be facing you in order to activate.  It only has one PIR Sensor on the forehead of the face, it does not activate from behind.  The higher you hang the Heat Ghost the further back you need to be in order for the sensor to see you.  Sensor can see you 15 feet away. 






The VOICE BOX is the ONLY battery operated speaker that is Programmable, Portable, Light Weight, and Hand Triggered.  This ALL IN ONE device also has Awesome Sound Quality that will give your Costume Character a voice.  The Voice Box is 2" X 3.5" X 1" and has a mounting pin so you can attach it to your Costume.  It uses 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included) and has 2 volume positions (Low volume or High volume).  Program up to 8MB or 120 seconds of Voices/Sounds.  The Voice Box comes loaded with 38 voices/sounds or you can use the Micro USB cable (included) to program your own voices/sounds.  There are 2 modes of operation.  Mode 1 plays all individual MP3's, one by one, each time the trigger button is pressed.  Mode 2 plays the MP3 you pick from your list over and over each time the trigger button is pressed.  The Voice Box Speaker is very loud and MUST be worn under thick clothing or costume to MUFFLE the sound!!!!!!!  Programmable Fart Machine with awesome sound quality.

When the Nightmare LIGHT is activated the Red LED light turns ON for 2 seconds and OFF for 2 seconds and then repeats.  The Red LED is a Mini Strobe Light for a more scary effect.  It keeps turning ON and OFF for 13 seconds and then turns OFF until the HEAT sensor is activated again.  The LED Light Rod is flexible so you can direct the light in the direction you want.  Choose Red or Green LED.  3 AAA Batteries not included.