Once power is ON, put on a flat surface or use mounting bracket and wait 10 seconds for sensor to boot up.  If you hold it in your hand, it will keep activating because it detects movement.  Click button A to hear Previous sound and click button B to hear Next sound.  There are two modes of operation, which are changed by pressing and keeping pressed button A (until LED light blinks 1 or 2 times).  One LED Blink means the scream box will play all sounds, one by one, each time the sensor is activated.  Two LED Blinks means it will repeat the same sound over and over.  When you are in repeat mode, you can click on button A or button B to change the sound you want to be repeated over and over.  The 8 MB Internal Memory holds around 120 seconds of MP3 files.  Example: If you have 1 MP3 file over 8 MB, it will not play it at all because it must be under 8 MB.  It will play Multiple MP3 files up to 8 MB.  Putting new MP3 sounds on the Scream Box Plus is easy.  Have Scream Box front facing you and Micro USB top side facing you (the side with the 4 lines on it).  Make sure it is inserted STRAIGHT and all the way.  Plug USB side into your computer.  The LED Light on the Scream Box Plus will start blinking.  A window will appear on the computer showing the current MP3 files on the Scream Box Pro.  Simply drag and drop your new MP3 files into the Scream Box Plus window.  Works with MP3 Files ONLY! To delete, simply click on the MP3 you want to delete and press delete on your keyboard then click YES.  You can format the Scream box by clicking My Computer, then right click on the Scream Box Drive and select format (FAT).  The Scream Box Plus is mainly used inside, but can be put in a clear zip lock bag for outside use when raining.  Keep away from METAL SHAVINGS because the speaker will pick them up and decrease sound.  Remove battery cover for Loud MP3’s that vibrate it. The Scream Box Plus works best with new alkaline AAA Batteries.  If sensor is activating when it should not (the batteries are too strong), use no name brand alkaline batteries (never use rechargeable batteries).  PC Compatible ONLY! NO MAC.  When the Speaker starts having static or plays only part of the sound, it is time for NEW Batteries.  FORMAT the Scream Box if the MEMORY is not holding much data.  It will get it back to the FULL 4 MB.  To switch from the internal speaker to your amplifier use the 3.5mm cable (Warning: LOUD NOISE HAZARD KEEP AMPLIFIER VOLUME LOW).  If your amplifier does not have a 3.5mm jack use the guitar jack adapter.  To get back to the internal speaker turn the Scream Box Plus off and unplug the 3.5mm male jack from the top of it.   The Scream Box Plus will automatically switch to the internal speaker after sitting for one minute. 


Works in a dark or lit room.  Too much light (such as direct sun light) will cause the sensor to malfunction.  Use indoors (wind creates motion and activates the sensor).  Use black stabilizing bar in the middle of the string.  Hang on hook or a LONG nail so the Sonic Ghost does not fall due to its strong shaking.  

                                                     PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS:

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The NIGHTmare Light ONLY works in the DARK.  If it is in a well lit room it turns OFF.
When placed in a dark room it takes the sensor 15 seconds to adjust and start working.
If the LED light will not turn ON or it Keeps turning ON and OFF and does not stop, then it is time for new batteries.If the LED light is not coming on, push the black reset button on the front of the nightmare light.


​For bushes, use twist ties around hanging bar and then twist tie around branch.  To put in a  window, use a suction cup and attach a twist tie to the hanging bar and then twist tie around the suction cup (see pictures on home page).  If it is raining, put the battery holder and LED timer in a zip lock bag for protection.  The LED Timer turns the lights OFF after 6 hours and then back ON after 18 hours.  


Before putting your costume on, Pin the Voice Box to the front of your costume.  Plug the trigger into the female jack of the Voice Box.  Run the trigger wire down the sleeve of your costume.  Cover the Voice Box with creepy cloth or clothing.   

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